VIZIO E502AR 50-inch 1080P HDTV ReviewVIZIO has managed to produce some of the best televisions in the market that has pushed back some sturdy competitors. The new VIZIO E502AR is one TV that falls under the same category. What gives us a surprise is the pricing range. A TV with the same features in the market is priced a lot more than this one and the best part is that this model does not fail us in terms of quality.

This new TV is full of many good things and the specs are very much in the direction of confirming it. The screen is very neatly done though it doesn’t have any fancy modeling. The 50 inch screen should be just the right size for you to bring home and will fit perfectly in your living room. The bezel isn’t very thin but doesn’t affect the picture in anyway.

The picture quality is completely outstanding. The resolution of 1080p has definitely played its part here. The contrast ratio is only 100,000:1. But it is really good enough to keep the white whiter and the black darker. This enables us to see some true to life colors in the screen.

Another amazing feature here is the refresh rate of 120Hz. This is a very good refresh rate and we can enjoy our favorite sports without the problem of any burring. The transitions are pretty smooth and you can even connect your gaming console to the TV through the HDMI port and experience some very good gaming with this refresh rate.

The response time is kind of on the lower side at 8ms. But it won’t be much of a problem to the picture quality. The SRS studio sound also is at the usual VIZIO standards and there won’t be any need for external speakers. There are also 3 HDMI ports for higher end connectivity.

To finish things, the VIZIO E502AR is an excellent HDTV especially for the price tag. If you need a television that can be as good as some of the best ones in town at a cheap rate, then this one is probably the best option.

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