vizio e500ar reviewThe VIZIO E500AR is another attempt in outclassing its previous 50 inch models and we have to say that this one has a very good chance of doing it. The size of the screen is excellent to stay in living room or any place where you expect your guest to take their seat (complete show off, this one). By the looks of it we can easily say that this will keep other LCD TVs at bay till another big launch.

The styling of this model is neat. It doesn’t have any extraordinary looks but just keeping the standard simple design they have made a decent television (by the looks). The frames are pretty thin from the front and though you may feel that the television is a bit thick at the sides, it is still better than many other models.

The 1080p full HD is amazing and you just see the best pictures on your screen. The contrast ratio of 100,000:1 is definitely not the best in the field but it delivers above par picture quality and the colors are pretty much life like. People might complain with the refresh rate of 60 Hz. Considering the picture quality you think all these are mere numbers and with a better refresh rate the price of the television just gets bigger with a very little improvement in the quality of the picture which you can hardly recognize.

Another nice feature they have added is the ambient light sensor. This one detects the lighting in the room and adjusts the picture quality accordingly. The SRS sound is a proven in terms of their effectiveness and they make no mistake in this model too. You can also connect your Blu Ray disk players and your gaming devices as there are 3 HDMI ports available.

The VIZIO E500AR is a basic LCD television that can show excellent pictures with good surrounding sound. The absence of smart TV features can be a bit of bother and if you need them you can always o for better options. If the basic looks and functionalities are your preference, then we recommend this television.

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