VIZIO E420i-B0 reviewWe have priced VIZIO countless times for offering good packages in a reasonable price tag. They have released another product with the same idea. This time, it is a Television. Is that any good? Well, read the review to know more.

The VIZIO E420i-B0 is a 42 inch LED high definition television from the house of VIZIO. The screen size is perfect for hallways and also very suitable for multiple screened views we see at malls. The design of the television isn’t anything, but it is classic VIZIO. They have kept the bezel thin because of which the screen appears to look a lot bigger.

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The television is a full high definition one. This means that the resolution we are dealing here is with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Though the world s moving over to QHD and UHD screens, this resolution still looks amazing and this TV is a proof of it. It can show 16.7 million colors which talks about the vibrancy of the picture quality.

The user can observe very deep blacks and bright whites. This is due to the stunning dynamic contrast ratio of 2000000:1. This is a very good feature and the vibrancy we talked about is mainly due to this factor.

Another selling point for the VIZIO E420i-B0 is the refresh rate. The rate here is 120 Hz which is very good. Gamers will love enjoy playing games thanks to the good refresh rate. You can easily connect your gaming console through the HDMI port and start your gaming experience.

Fast moving pictures can be seen without any ghosting effects thanks to the response rate of 6ms. This is not an amazing spec but is good enough for the users to complete a good HD TV experience.

Another awesome thing about the VIZIO E420i-B0 is that it is a smart TV. Being a smart TV, it does offer you some features other normal HD TVs won’t. You can use the internet to access apps that comes with the TV. Some famous apps you can use are YouTube, Amazon, Pandora and others.

One big advantage we have here the price tag. This, being a smart LED HDTV, is way too affordable. There is no other brand in the market providing this. This is one the reasons why we like VIZIO and they never fail us in this aspect.

Well, that’s the VIZIO E420i-B0 review. You might have got a good hold of what the good and the bad features of this are. If you are looking for an affordable smart TV with a full HD resolution, then there might not be a better option than this. We recommend the VIZIO E420i-B0.

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