Vizio E3D320VX is an offering from Vizio, one of the leading TV manufacturers from the US. This 3D TV has a variety of features which will turn on a smile in the viewer’s face. Before we go further in to this review, let’s have a rundown of what it is and its promises to the people.

Vizio E3D320VX review

The E3D320VX model comes in three different sizes of 32, 42 and 47 inches. They promise pure 3D entertainment from this model. The resolution is 1080p and has the ability to support 16.7 million colors. There is also a very impressive dynamic contrast ratio of 200,000:1. There are speakers at the front each of 10W rating.

The model also has 3 HDMI ports (2 at the back and 1 at the side). This can be used for various purposes like setting up your Home Theater, connecting your blu-ray player or even for your satellite TV. There are also two USB ports for your running your movies and pictures from your pen drives. It also comes with 2 polarized 3D glasses. And it also comes with a remote control with a QWERTY keypad which makes it easy to use the internet apps.

As far as the specifications are concerned, that’s it. Now, let’s go for the actual review.


The design is not much of a show. It is very simple and neat. They have black matte finish. The speakers at the front have a small dimple at the middle which kind of looks more like a dent rather than being stylish.


The 3D feature is at its best. With the glasses provided you can see the 3D movies and games at an amazing quality. Even though there may be few more manufacturers who may be able to give you better, this is by the far the best 3D experience you will get at this prize (which is the least of this category by the way).

Another good thing is that you can view it the same at all lightings. There are no brightness problems at different lightings as there is an automatic adjust for brightness. Not to forget the surround sound, they have managed to pull off an excellent experience with the sound effects. No complaints here too.

You will have access to VIA (VIZIO internet Apps) when you buy this TV. You can have various apps installed and with the QWERTY remote they have provided, browsing the apps and typing searches and passwords is very easy. Also it has an in-built Wi-Fi connection, so say no to wires.

That very well sums up the pros of Vizio E3D320VX. They have managed their best at the price they provide but still you can’t have good things without bad things. So let’s take a look at the cons now.


The 3D is great, but the 2D viewing isn’t a great experience. You will have a slight problem when using the 2D mode. There will be a light shade of black which you will not find that amusing. And also the off-angle viewing in 2D is also not very good.

Since there is no Bluetooth present, the use of the remote becomes a bit tedious at times when browsing the internet.

The Final Touch

Yes, the Vizio E3D320VX has its set of problems. But it is a far superior device apart from the small hiccups one may find. The 3D feature is probably the best you will get at this price and the very fact justifies the purchase of this 3D Television.

TechWeirdo Rating: 4.3/5

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