VIZIO E390-A1 ReviewLooks like VIZIO has planned to bombard the market with low price products. But they have also made an assurance to keep the quality of their products in the right level. The VIZIO E390-A1 1080p Full HD is one such TV that gives a good number of features and comes home with a really low price tag. This television will impress you right from the very first feature and shall say why.

The 39 inch screen looks splendid. The screen has a neat finish and isn’t too shiny. They have not made any path breaking improvements in the design area. Rather, the look is very simple and that of a traditional flat panel television. The frame is also thin and because of this the weight of the television has been reduced considerably. The television blends well into the setup and looks good both on wall and on stand.

The 1080p resolution is the best feature in the E390-A1. The picture quality is awesome and without doubt you can easily say that this is one of the best models in the market. They have prevented the occurrence of blurred spots which we usually witness at times of fast movements as in sports. This means we can see sharp pictures during any sport events and movies alike.

The sound system needs a mention. The sound effect is above par and you can watch movies with a clear audio at your disposal. Another important feature is that this model will consume 50% less energy than any other model in the market. This means you have a energy efficient LED TV you can be proud of.

We can also relish our personal photos and videos on the big 39 inch screen with the help of the USB port. There are also 2 HDMI ports which enables higher end connectivity from devices like blu ray players and playstation 3.

There is not much problems in this model form VIZIO unless you need features to stream videos and to browse online apps through Wi-Fi which is absent here.

Having read the full review you would have made up your mind already. Remember that this is a basic television that offers superior viewing experience with an excellent surround sound system. For the price they charge what you get is better than many of its costly alternatives. If you need a 39 inch TV that is basic and satisfactory, we give a go ahead for the VIZIO E390-A1.

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