Vizio E291-A1 reviewAny television from the house of VIZIO can be expected to have a standard quality that is better than most of the TVs in the market and this one is no exception. This model has two variants, the 29 inch and the 32 inch. The television can be a real star in your house depending on what your needs are. Why? We shall see that now.

The very nice about VIZIO is that they are giving out some of the best TVs for a very cheap price. This is falls in the same category. If you are planning to get an LED television for this Christmas then there are chances that you might fall for this one, again depends on what you need.

The design aspects of the E291-A1 are pretty decent. The frame is very thin and having this would definitely make your living room a better place. The screen is a real treat to watch as the picture quality is sharp and clear. They are no smudging in the screen during movements which is present in a lot of other televisions.

The television is a 720p HD television. If you are not happy that it doesn’t have 1080p, then all we can say is that the picture quality is really awesome and there is no chance you will be able to find the difference between them. And also with these two size variants it’s not really necessary to have a 1080p to enjoy the best picture quality. The sound quality is exceptional, especially if you are watching sports and movies.

The main selling point in this LED TV is the price. They have made it really cheap for people. But this does have a few setbacks. There is no streaming and other high price point features. You will not any even the picture in picture function.

To finish things, the VIZIO E291-A1 is an excellent LED television for those who really want a basic television that has good picture and sound quality. If you are ready to spend around $500 for a perfect television then leave this. Else, this one might be just what you need.

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