VIZIO CT15-A5 ReviewThe Laptop market is so full of big players but you still find VIZIO trying to outperform their own products at each release. Yes, the VIZIO CT15-A5 is a remarkably better ultrabook from the house of VIZIO that makes its predecessors feel shy and small. Before we force you to any conclusion, let us say why we like this chap.

The first and the best thing you will notice about this model is the super cool thin look. Being so thin, it s still very durable and the ventilation is also very neat in such a thin laptop weigh just below 4 pounds. The screen is just 15.6 inches but the pictures are very much crystal clear and looks well suited to view movies with its resolution of 1900 x 1600.

The CT15-A5 is powered by a 1.9 GHz Intel i7 processor which is a real gem in terms of speed and multitasking. The next nicest feature is the presence of a 256 GB SDD. This means all the work you do is go be really fast and transferring of files in and out is a piece of cake. And the booting up is also really fast.

This model comes with Windows 8, the latest Operating System that is catching everyone’s eye. The touchpad is built in such a way it supports the windows 8 gestures and this means you can have a complete windows 8 experience.

There are no problems in terms of connectivity too. There is the usual wireless networking setup and there are 2 USB 3.0 ports which can be of very good use for lightning fast transfers. The VIZIO CT15-A5 is also very silent in when in work, credits to the fan that is hardly audible.

The audio quality is decent and they have made a major improvement as far as the battery is concerned. The battery can last up to 7 hours depending on the workload.

The VIZIO CT15-A5 is an excellent offering from VIZIO. This might not have the best configuration you have seen, but the user experience is rich and very much enjoyable. The i7 and the SDD make things fast while the monitor can definitely please your eyes. Let us also remind you that this is the cheapest ultrabook in the market. We do recommend the VIZIO CT15-A5.

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