ViewSonic VA2406M reviewViewSonic have excelled in the past for producing some outstanding monitors purely known for their quality and from them comes the new ViewSonic VA2406M-LED 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor. Being an LED lit monitor, we can expect it to considerably reduce the energy consumption and this will go very well with their “GO LED, GO GREEN” campaign. This new monitor can be used with the stand or can also be mounted on the wall depending on the users’ need.

The size of the monitor is pretty much suited for both your living room and your bed room and doesn’t look very big and odd. The main area of excellence is the picture quality, this 24 inch monitor gives some excellent quality pictures in full High Definition. This is basically due to the 1080p resolution and the aspect ratio (16:9) also plays a significant deal in the picture quality.

Another stand out feature here is the automatic Aspect ratio adjustment as it ensures that the picture you view isn’t abnormal. The dynamic contrast also is very impressive at 10,000,000:1. With a contrast ratio that is this good, you will be able to see such real life pictures and there is no chance of any dodgy images.

Most of the monitors don’t come with speakers but this one does. The integrated speakers aren’t the best but you can the sound effects which are pretty decent. Also the EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) is kind of absent in this one, so practically you won’t see even the smallest of disturbance in your screen whenever you mobile phone gets a message.

There are also some connectivity options with DVI and VGA inputs. The absence of HDMI ports can be a real problem if you possess a blu ray player or if you would like to use your gaming console along with this 24 inch screen.

Don’t underestimate the monitor with the low price tag. Even though it might seem a bit less, it is definitely better than even some of the costlier models.

From this ViewSonic VA2406M-LED Monitor Review you would have very well decided if this is for you. Again, if you are planning to get yourself a decent monitor at this price range then this is a definite recommendation. There won’t be any complaints from you unless you expect something out of the ordinary from your monitor.

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