Twitter’s new API guidelines have succeeded in making another so-called competitor site lose their grip on their own apps., who revived the famous micro blogging site Digg, has now stopped the download of its apple apps for the public. were using the API from twitter for making an apps which will be presenting curated news links from all over web. All the present users will be having access to the apps while any new user seeking the app will not find it in the market anymore.

Jake Levine of wrote in his blog which states, ‘we had a decision to make: invest meaningful resources in the apps to meet the new Requirements, or pull the apps from the App Store.’ He also wrote that Digg was successfully re-established and has started a long while back to make an impact. He also said that they would be spending their time on improving Digg rather than wasting time on learning to adjust to the new API guidelines from Twitter.

People are not very happy on this development from Twitter. They say that the famous micro blogging site is being ungrateful to all those people who once gave a lot work to popularize the same. This has come as a shocker to all those who have been using their API for developing apps. Looks like a cunning move from Twitter to bring down their competitors. What do you think? Please do Share your views!