Toshiba Satellite S55-A5359 review 1The Satellite is literally getting dumped with new models every now and then. The new Toshiba Satellite S55-A5359 is another model that gets our attention today. Is the new laptop good enough for the money we offer? Does it offer high quality experience to users regardless of their expectations? Let’s see that in our review.

The design looks refreshing. The laptop comes in the ice silver in brushed aluminum. As far as the looks are concerned, the laptop shines as a tad expensive laptop. The user will get a premium look and feel. Since it weighs less, it is perfect for people who travel a lot.


The heart of every machine is the processor and here it is the Intel dual core i7 processor that can clock up to 2.4 GHz. This is excellent processor and will run most of the applications without any glitch. Even mid range and hard core users will love the speed the processor allows. There is no way to over clock the processor like the turbo boost functionality like we’ve seen in other laptops. This might worry some hard core users who like to experiment with their devices.

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The memory that joins hands with the processor is an 8GB DDR3 RAM. This is a very good amount of memory one would love to have. Multi tasking would be a breeze. If the user wants to upgrade the memory there is provision to increase it to 16GB. Boy that would be awesome.

The 1TB hard drive is like the order of the day and it is right here too. You do have a good deal of space for all your media and other important data. The laptop comes pre-installed with Windows 7. But you will get a DVD with Windows 8 which makes upgrade an easy thing.


Toshiba Satellite S55-A5359 review 2The graphics card that comes with the Toshiba Satellite S55-A5359 is the Mobile Intel HD graphics which is a decent one. You will be able to play some mid range but not high end games. Both the graphics and the screen which just has a resolution 1366 x 768 pixels aren’t actually designed for high end gaming. If you are planning to buy this for gaming, time to look for an alternative.

Battery life

The laptop offers a decent battery life of 3.9 hours. People are having mixed reactions about this one. If you aren’t going to travel much you can easily manage with this but if you commute a lot then you might be in some sort of bother. Nevertheless, it is still better than many others in the market.

One tiny disadvantage here is that the battery accessible easily. The bottom plate has to be removed to access it. If you are some known to customize then better get some tools in place.

The Toshiba Satellite S55-A5359 is a good laptop with some stunning specs. It does come at a price that is tad expensive but is totally worth it if you want a mid range laptop that would help you to seamlessly do all the work. TechWeirdo recommends it.

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