Toshiba CB35-A3120 reveiwThe Toshiba CB35-A3120 is another Chromebook that finds its way into the market. This one has a very affordable price tag and is a pretty good option for those who are interested in diving into the world of Chromebooks. Read out full review to know more about the device.


This one is a compact notebook. It weighs less which makes it easy for use during travel. They haven’t reinvented the design with this but why fix it if it isn’t broke. It looks good with the matte finish and you will surely not hide it from your friends. Overall the design will meet your expectations for a budget device.

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There is a 13.3 inch display that has a resolution of 1366×968 pixels. This may not be that good in paper but since the screen size is small the pictures are crisp. The pixel density is also improved for the same reason and overall result in a decent viewing experience. It is best suited for browsing the web and reading document from cloud.

Processor and Memory

The processor that runs the Toshiba CB35-A3120 is an Intel Celeron processor that clocks at 1.4GHz. This is not the best processor in the market but you will not need the top of the world processor for a Chromebook. There are no desktop applications to be run and this processor that pretty good job in managing the chrome OS.

The 2GB DDR3 RAM that comes with the processor compliments it in a good way. This is enough RAM for multitasking in a notebook that runs chrome OS. There is no appreciable lag in performance and this will be a good point for those who are looking for performance over specs.

Hard drive and Graphics

Since this is a Chromebook, everything is stored in the cloud. There is no physical hard drive for storing purpose. However there is a 16GB solid state drive that has the OS installed and it also helps in improving the performance in a big way.

The Intel HD graphics is the usual graphics card you’ll find in any laptop these days and you can find the same here also. It plays an important role in the display and does a good job. You cannot run games like in a laptop or a PC but you can play browser games. This is definitely not a gamers’ machine.

Connectivity and Battery

There are 2 USB 3.0 ports that can transfer real quickly. There is also high speed wireless connectivity. You can also find other usual options that are widely found in other laptops.

The battery life is one of the best reasons why one would want to use the Chromebook. The Toshiba CB35-A3120 is capable of giving 9 hours of battery life. Only a few other laptops can talk about this kind of battery life and that’s a good thing.


  • Compact budget device
  • Great battery life


  • No desktop applications

Is It Worth the Money?

Yes. A Chromebook in this price range is a pretty sweet deal and it’s hard to beat that. You don’t get everything you’ll get in a normal laptop. But if you know about the Chromebook, then you’ll understand why this is a good deal.


Thanks for reading the full Toshiba CB35-A3120 review. It is a very good option for anyone looking for a budget device. There are some restrictions in the way you use it. But if you are looking for a Chromebook, this one makes that cut.

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