Toshiba C55-A5384 review 1 Joining the satellite series is the new entry Toshiba C55-A5384. This new laptop comes with standard specifications and does seem to target the day to day and mild users. The price tag is also very affordable indicating that there won’t be much for the hardcore users to use. Read the post to know more about this new laptop.

The design department rehashes the older designs to get the design of this budget laptop. The device weighs a little less than 5.5 pounds which will impress people who commute a lot. The keyboard is one thing that stands out in the design. They have well placed keys and it also comes with a number pad at the right side.

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The screen comes at a usual size of 15.6 inches. The resolution isn’t much higher but is 1366 x 768 pixels. The picture clarity will be good as the resolution is high definition. People who like watching movies will have a good time and playing games will also be a nice experience depending on the games you play. The screen does good overall and needs a mention.

The processor here in the Toshiba C55-A5384 is an Intel i3 processor. There are better processors like the i5 and i7 processors but this is a budget laptop and the processor fits in fine. You will not witness any lag while doing your day to day activities be it browsing the web, listening to music and even light stuff like word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.

Toshiba C55-A5384 review 2The reason the processor works well is because of the support it gets from the 4GB RAM that comes along. This is a good capacity of memory that will allow users like you to do multiple works at the same (or should we use the fancy term ‘Multi Tasking’). You also can install many applications as this usually passes the minimum requirements they require.

The 500GB gives you a enough space so that you can store any media collections you have already or even other data you consider important. The operating system you get is Windows which is the latest offering from Microsoft. If you are not a big fan, you can always install Windows 7 manually. But if you like it there is an option to get a free upgrade through the Windows store.

There is a DVD drive which can run DVDs for you and you also get USB ports which are being used widely for transferring data. The battery life is a respectable 4 hours and thanks to the 6 cell battery pack for this.

The Toshiba C55-A5384 is an excellent choice for a budget laptop. This is reflected by some of the user reviews people leave (link at the top). The features you get are more than good for the price paid which makes our decision process easier. Go for it if you need a laptop that can cater to your day to day needs.

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