Toshiba 50L1450U reviewThere are many High Definition televisions in the market. Some even are full HD and usually the price won’t fit in many people’s budget. But Toshiba 50L1450U, a new launch from Toshiba is a 50 inch budget full HD TV that targets people with a budget. Want to know more about the features? Read on.

The design of the television is elegant. They have almost eliminated the bezels and you don’t see much of it when you see from the front. This means it will take very less space in the picture and give you a good watching experience.

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Even from the sides, it looks ridiculously thin and you will definitely have something to show off to your visitors. The fact this is VESA compliant makes it even better and only takes a few minutes to mount this piece of beauty on your wall.

The screen size of the Toshiba 50L1450U is 50 inches diagonally. It comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is what makes it full high definition. The size and this resolution will lead to a great viewing experience to the users. The picture quality will be crisp and dynamic. There is also a dynamic picture that will improve the color, brightness and the contrast so that you only witness an amazing picture quality.

The Audyssey audio technology that comes as a valuable addition to the feature set. The Audyssey EQ provides true to life and clear sound that comes without the need of any external speakers. But we insist you to get some external sound bars if you wish to turn this TV into a home theater system as it would improve the experience.

Gamers will love using this 50 inch screen for gaming purposes; the reason being the 120HZ refresh rate which is perfect for playing games. There are many TVs in the market with 60Hz refresh rate but this one is way better as it provides a lot of value for the money paid.

There are 2 HDMI ports which allow the user to connect their television with their gaming console; be it Xbox or the PlayStation. There is also a composite port which makes up for other connectivity options. You also have access to a USB port which makes it easy for you to connect your pen drive and browse your content on the big screen.

The fact that it is energy star certified tells us that it will consume less power than other models. This will us help us to keep the bills in check even after watching hours of your favorite shows.

The Toshiba 50L1450U is a perfect budget television in many ways and this review talked about the positive and also some minor negatives. There is only one better alternative you can find to this TV which is the 2014 version of VIZIO 550i-B2. This is probably a better option as you are getting a lot more features (even smart features) at the same price range. We do recommend you to check that out before you decide on this 50 inch Toshiba HDTV.

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