iPad Mini

Apple finally launched the most anticipated iPad Mini at the event in San Jose. The iPad mini, as one can figure from the name, has screen that is considerably smaller than the usual 9.7 inches present in all the previous iPad models. To be exact the new iPad mini features a 7.85-inch display which is a bit more than its well known competitors in the name of Nexus and Kindle.

The other features seem pretty normal. The iPad mini will have the lightning port and also comes with 3G. The battery seems to be three times bigger than that of the iPhone 5 (4,490mAh).

So we have a new device from the house of Apple and we would naturally expect to cost us an arm and a leg to buy them. But few reports in and around from Apple said that the iPad mini will only have a maximum storage of 8GB, just to have a cut down on the cost. But rubbishing all those reports, the true price tag comes from Apple. The Wi-Fi models have price range of $329 for 16GB, $429 for 32GB, and $529 for 64GBs. The price will go up for the models that come with LTE connectivity.

The shipping of the devices is expected to start by the 2nd of November. So if you are a regular of Apple you will have wait at least 2 week i.e. 16th November to lay your hands on the new iPad Mini.