Sony VAIO SVD13223CXB reviewThis is the second ultrabook we have talked about this week and both are similar in a lot of ways except the fact that the Sony VAIO SVD13223CXB is very expensive. The specifications are very superior either but what makes this ultrabook special? Read on to know more.

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The design of this convertible ultrabook is neat and does give a premium look (the price is very premium though). The small size makes this a very compact and an easily portable device. People who travel a lot during work will make very good use of the device.

The screen is only 13.3 inches but needs a special mention. It is a full HD display that comes with a rocking 1920 x 1080 pixels in it. The pixel density is just too good for the screen size and the image clarity is admirable. If you are fond of watching your movies in 1080p then you will love this one.

The processor that powers this is an Intel core i5 processor. It isn’t very powerful on itself clocking at just 1.6 GHz. It does run the operating system (Windows 8.1) smoothly. You won’t be having any speed issues with mid range applications like Photoshop and low end applications like MS office suite. High end video editing software might show some resistance against smooth play.

The 4 GB RAM that comes along allows the user perform multi tasking. Even if you a light user you will still be interested in doing more than one activity at a time. That can be easily done in the Sony VAIO SVD13223CXB thanks to the RAM department.

Another impressive improvement in the spec sheet is the use of a 128 GB solid state drive for storage. This will increase the booting speed by a great amount and you will have your ultrabook up and running in literally seconds. But they could have gone for at least 256 GB storage as the price of the device is steep and deserves a solid state drive of that capacity.

The Intel HD graphics 4400 is just a conventional graphics card and supports most of the light and mid range games. But if you are a hardcore gamer you might not be impressed with the support offered to high end games.

There are 2 USB 3.0 ports that can help you transfer data real quick. There are no ports from the previous generation which is clearly due to the lack of space in the device for additional ports.

We are at the conclusion of the Sony VAIO SVD13223CXB review. It is an expensive device and there are a few things that support the price tag well. If you are someone who travels a lot, you will fall in love with the portability it offers. If you are a multi tasker, you will like the way you switch between multiple applications. Go ahead and get this one if you fall in any of the categories mentioned above.

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