Sony VAIO E Series SVE1513KCXS reviewSony is proven when it comes to laptops and its new release the Sony VAIO E Series SVE1513KCXS is fitted with an interesting hardware assembly which will surely impress even the power user in your house. Read the review to know more.

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The laptop sports a 15.5 inch screen and the resolution isn’t full high definition. This 720p resolution is good enough to watch your favorite movies and catch some sports action. There is nothing to complain here as there are very small numbers of laptops that come with the 1080p resolution these days.

The best selling point of this high end laptop is the super fast third generation Intel i7 processor. The processor clocks up to 2.2 GHz and this is a very goof clocking frequency for an i7 processor which implies that the processor can easily carry out heavy computing. The operating system (Windows 8) runs without any lag.

Something that complements the speedy processor is the 8GB DDR3 RAM. This amount is very necessary for a laptop that is being specifically made for the power user. This RAM gives you the freedom to do a lot of multi tasking and there won’t be any lag whatsoever.

If you are someone who likes to store a lot of media files in your laptop then you are sure to be impressed by the 1TB hard drive. There are enough USB ports present to make your data transfer fast. Gamers will also be very impressed by the support given to games by Intel HD graphics 4000 card.

Though there aren’t any issues that can prevent you from buying this there is still is minor problem. The battery stays alive for about 3 hours only and this is lesser than what devices provide. This can be justified by saying that processor can eat up of lot battery but still is a problem for people who travel a lot.

The Sony VAIO E Series SVE1513KCXS comes at a reasonable price tag for the features it boasts. If you plan to do a lot of work in your laptop from everyday activities to extreme multi tasking then you will find good value in this classic laptop.

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