Sansui SLED1980 reviewSansui has been manufacturing TVs for a very long period of time and the company just what to give to make the users happy. The Sansui SLED1980 is a 19 inch LED HDTV for those who a simple television without all the bells and whistles. Let’s get into the details in this review

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The Sansui SLED1980 is a simple 19 inch HDTV. By simple we do not mean it is outdated or such but mean that it can be used by anyone without any difficulty (no complicated user interface). This television is perfect for those who do not care about all the additional features.

The design is very straight forward and comes with a stand. The bezel might look like a little too much but making it little might have added the cost so it is right to say that they have the right decision.

To talk about the specifications, the TV has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This is a very good resolution (though not full high definition) for a TV in this price range.  The picture quality is neat and movies and sports appear in their best form.

A real surprise here is the response time. This TV has a response time of 5ms. Many televisions that come in a price range of even thousand dollars also come with the same response time. With this response time you will be able to witness all your favorite sports without any lag or ghosting.

The 16:9 aspect ratio makes it very suitable for watching movies and since it has 720p resolution the movie watching experience s going to get just better.

The Sansui SLED1980 also has a decent contrast ratio of 5000:1. Though you may not be viewing the deepest blacks it still offers a lot of colors which are very real and true to life.

The TV comes with an LED panel and this means there will be less consumption of energy and could give some help on your electricity bill even if you run it for days together.

There are no such things as a negative as far as thing HDTV is concerned. The reason for this is that the TV is a very basic set.

The Sansui SLED1980 is a budget T V that boasts high definition and offers very good picture quality. If you are looking for a basic television then this one is recommended.

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