samsung UN40EH6030 ReviewThe Samsung UN40EH6030 is a 40 inch 1080p 3D HDTV. This means you can see anything that pops up in your television in 3D by the push of a button and one has to admit that the 3D experience is beyond anything we have until now. Completely filled with features, this release form the television division of Samsung will not fail anyone who brings it home.

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The screen being 40 inches is big enough for your bed room or living room and to be honest the television easily mends into your room setup. The frame has a neat finish which feels good and overall you will not have a shabby looking TV in your place. The thickness at the sides might look a bit too much but when compared with other counterparts it is just okay. The model is slightly heavy weighing 29 pounds.

Coming to the viewing experience of the UN40EH6030, we have to say the resolution of 1080p has done magic. Let it be the HD channels or just normal standard channels the picture quality has surely surpassed its predecessors. You can feel full High Definition when viewing the TV in 3D mode. The actual 3D programs are a delight and you can never complain on that aspect.

The television has a clear motion rate of 240. This means you can watch your favorite sports without having any blurred spots during movements in the game. The wide color enhancement feature also makes sure that the colors blend in properly so that it doesn’t show any tints during the show.

There are 2 3D glasses that come with the package. They are made up of good durable material and they don’t upset the eyes after using it for a long time; comfortable to be honest. The next best selling point is the sound. The sound quality is amazing and if you are watching movies, you are well served.

There is a USB port which facilitates the viewing of your pictures and movies just like that. There is also a HDMI port that can used to sync your Blu Ray player and even your PS3. The remote is a standard one and pretty much serves its purpose to the fullest.

The only problem you will have is the quality of the 2D shows converted into 3D. They are good but not completely satisfactory.

From the price range it is very clear that they want a Samsung in each and every house. It is surely directed towards the cheaper market. But the features talk different. They can be enjoyed to the maximum  and if you are looking for a 40 inch 3D TV then we surely recommend the Samsung UN40EH6030.

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