Samsung SB970 S27B970D reviewThere are a lot of monitors that tend to bring as much features in them as possible but will succeed only to a certain extent. The new Samsung SB970 S27B970D has also tried the same but has had superior success. This new monitor from the house of tech giant Samsung is costly and is also rich in all the functionalities it provides.

This is a 27 inch monitor with PLS panel has a premium look on it and delivers some high quality images with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The monitor is perfect for any high end connectivity you are planning and if you are looking for something ordinary then this definitely isn’t one.

This will be an exceptional monitor for those who work on image editing and other graphic related jobs. The detail this monitor provides is true to real life and this is where the contrast ratio plays its part. Extreme gamers will have some excellent gaming experience using this monitor for their purpose.

The Design of this monitor has been an improvement compared to other rival monitors with similar specs. The bezel is very thin and doesn’t create any diversion during watching your favorite show. The aluminium surrounding the monitor adds up to the classy look. The monitor is not really very sleek as you might want but the clarity it offers will definitely make us overlook its minor physical issues.

The Samsung SB970 S27B970D supports a lot of connectivity. There are 2 USB 2.0 ports that can be used to connect with your personal computers. There is also an HDMI port which can be used to sync your blu ray player and also your gaming console. There is also the MHL connectivity that can be used to pair your phone for both audio and video and this can also be used for charging purpose.

The major disappointment here is the absence of USB 3.0 ports. This is one of the advancements in modern technology and its absence could be a disappointment to a lot of people. The absence of audio in and out ports is also a serious mistake. Even though the in-built speakers are better than that of other monitors it still isn’t good enough to make the users give up the dedicated devices.

To finish things up, the Samsung SB970 S27B970D is a monitor for people who really need some high quality stuff and those who just want a monitor for their PC might not find the money’s worth. If one can fit oneself in the above category and don’t mind paying the price, then this is definitely recommended.

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