Samsung S27C390H reviewSamsung monitor has been a significant player in the market over the last decade. The new products are equally good we are about to see something very close to that. The Samsung S27C390H comes with an excellent screen that will make a lot of eyes very happy.

The screen size is a perfect for a desktop if it’s for the office. If you are planning to keep this in your hall, it isn’t a bad idea if the room is small. For larger rooms we prefer bigger screens.

The picture quality of the monitor is unbeatable. The full HD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is crisp and you can enjoy working on it if it’s for a desktop. Applications like image and video editing software will fit perfect on this screen.

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The aspect ratio of 16:9 makes it perfect for movies. If you are a movie lover then this one something to cheer you up. However the viewing angle is only 170 degrees. Though is not less than the usual 178 degrees it still can interfere in a very little way in your viewing experience.

The static contrast ratio of 1000:1 is a good deal. It can help you see some deep blacks and bright whites. Though it isn’t anything to brag about, it does a fairly good job.

The response time is perfect at 5ms. This is very good for gaming. A response time this low will not leave any ghost effects in your picture when you are dealing with fast moving objects. That fact that there is a HDMI port will enable you to connect the monitor to connect to a gaming console.

There are a few areas for improvement in the Samsung S27C390H. There is no VESA mount compliance. Sp if you are planning to mount it on your wall, then sorry about that. There is no direct DVI port but you can remedy that by using a HDMI to DVI cable.

There are also some eco certifications that talk good about the monitor like the EPEAT and the Energy Star certifications. This should be of concern if you are a green person.

The Samsung S27C390H comes at a very reasonable price. It can also be considered low when you compare it with some monitors in the market. But it does provide good value to what you pay for.

If a 27 inch monitor with good features is what you are searching for, then the Samsung S27C390H is worth going after.

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