Samsung B350 Series S24B350HL reviewSamsung is a leading manufacturer in the electronics market and this stands good also in the case of monitors. The new Samsung B350 Series S24B350HL is a 24 inch LED lit monitor that is offers some pretty good value to the price one pays to bring it home. There may be some tough competition in the market but this one surely stands tall on its own merit.

The 24 inch screen (23.6 inches to be exact) has a very good finish and doesn’t provide any glossy effects which is a really pleasing to the eyes. The picture quality of this new monitor is very good and the credit here goes to the high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which is the best available in the market in this price range.

The dynamic contrast ratio is also very impressive at 1,000:1 and this really allows the viewers to experience a lot of colors that are true to life. The blacks appear black and the same is true in the case of white too.

The response time is something which is going to bring huge smiles in the face of sports lovers and gamers. Yes, the response time is an excellent 2ms because of which one can have excellent experience of sports like racing and gamers are sure to enjoy their games.

The HDMI cable offers some high end connectivity to blu ray players and gaming consoles. This means you can watch your favorite movies or play you addictive games in high definition.

Since the monitor is LED backlit, it will save some significant amount of energy so that you can run it for quite a long time.

There aren’t any major issues we can say about the Samsung B350 Series S24B350HL but still there are some minor drawbacks. There is only one HDMI cable which can be disappointing to people who prefer a lot of connectivity options. The absence of an in built speaker can also be an issue but not many monitors in the market come with one.

Apart from these few issues, there aren’t many problems. The Samsung B350 Series S24B350HL LED-lit monitor is perfect for your home if you like to have a classy monitor with decent features. This one is surely recommended if you are planning to buy a monitor in this price range.

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