Phillips is one of the major brands as far as televisions are concerned and its latest release the Philips 50PFL5907 is another flagship device that produces excellent quality pictures and provides a stiff competition to the market. This HDTV also has a wide variety of features that makes it stand out from other manufacturers.

The first impression you get when you see this TV is a wow and that is because of the 50 inch screen which has the perfect aspect ratio of 16:9 and the 1080p resolution which is the best in this category. The design of this TV is conventional but doesn’t fail to impress. It can be mounted as well as kept on a stand.

The stand out feature in the Philips 50PFL5907 is the Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) of 240Hz which s excellent as the TV will now have a response time of 8ms. Though 8ms isn’t the best in terms of response times this one manages to get the best out of it.

With a response time like this you will be able to enjoy the best gaming and sporting action. Watching films is also another pleasure merely due to the size of the screen.

The brightness of the picture is perfect and you can enjoy bright pictures from any angle and also in direct sunlight. The blacks and whites are also very much true to their nature and this means all the colors will be true to life.

Another very nice inclusion to its features is the media connect feature. With media connect you can connect your laptop or ultrabook wirelessly to your TV and work on the big screen. This will be perfect for running presentation for small groups.

There are also net apps which can be accessed. Some of the leading apps include Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Pandora etc. Watching your favorite YouTube videos on a 50 inch screen is definitely a unique experience.

There are about 4 HDMI ports through which you can get some high end connectivity. You can connect your TV to your gaming console for some rich gaming experience or to your blu ray player to enjoy your favorite movies in 1080p resolution.

There aren’t any major faults to say here. But one feature you will find missing is the 3D option. People seeking 3D TVs will be disappointed here. Other than this it can be talked along with other smart TVs.

The Philips 50PFL5907 is a neat product from the house of Phillips. The 50 inch screen is a pleasure to have at your home and this one offers unparalleled picture quality. If you are looking for a TV with a big screen then TechWeirdo highly recommends it.

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