Optoma ML500 ReviewThe ML500 is an excellent offering from the house of Optoma. This addition to the land of projectors has raised the bar in the quality and also the size of the projectors. It is quite an interesting release from the giant projector manufacturer with its specifications exceeding the other players in the market by some distance. Enough hype, let’s get into the review of Optoma ML500.

Design and Specs

This new projector has re-defined the term portability for its fellow projectors. The ML500 is very much portable considering the fact it is only 2.5 pounds and not much to worry about in both length and width making it an easy take-and-walk.

The resolution is 1280×800 and it maintains an aspect ratio of 16:10. The rated contrast ratio is pretty decent at 3000:1 whereas the brightness is 5000 ANSI lumens. And not to forget the engine which is of DLP (Digital Light Processing) type.

The Good

The advantage which one will not miss to notice is the portability of this model. The ML 500 is very easily portable and this part is completely hassle-free. Those who travel a lot have nothing to complain here.

Being small, its performance is as good as some of the big (literally) projectors. The quality of the picture is good and noise is also less for the default brightness settings.

Another excellent feature is the present of SD card compatibility. You don’t need have a laptop or a PC to use this projector. All you need is a SD card with content which can be used to project anything you want. This device comes with a 2 GB memory and can be extended to about 32 GB, which is really impressive.

The presence of HDMI inputs enables connectivity with your blu-ray player which means you can see blu ray films and also enjoy playing your PS3 with this projector.

Another neat feature is that you can use your USB drive to run PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, excel sheets and even PDFs.

The remote that comes along is small, almost half the size of your palm. It is very compact and easy to carry around with the case provided.

The Bad

There are a lot of features present in this projector which you proudly show off but that doesn’t make it problem-free.

The picture quality is fine at a normal brightness but it turns kind of soft when the brightness is altered and in not so default conditions. You will also witness some scaling artifacts in the screen, though not significant.

The Final Touch

The Optoma ML500 is a portable projector that is very compact. It has a very good contrast ratio and the brightness of the picture is decent. You can use this projector anywhere you want to, for educational purposes and so. But if you plan to use this on regular basis and test it for extensive usage, you might be bothered with the problems which we mentioned above. But to settle with a good printer with some above-the-normal features under $1000, the ML500 is a very good option for one to go on with.

TechWeirdo Rating: 4.5/5