LG Electronics EA53 23EA53T reviewLG are known for their electronics and comes from their house is a monitor that will be celebrated in many homes in the future. The LG Electronics EA53 23EA53T is a beast of a monitor and we say this only for the right reasons.

The size as we have already mentioned is 23 inches which is quite big for a desktop but if you are an ardent movie buff or even a media person having to work on video editing and similar stuff, it will be a perfect fit.

The design of the monitor is neat. The bezels at the size are not very big and this will make sure there is little distraction when something is running on the screen. Since the color of the monitor is black it will, kind of, blend with the pictures and there will be times where you won’t realize the bezel at all.

The monitor has a resolution of 1080 p and this is full high definition. Movies will be very good on the screen and if you are planning to see some sports action in it, get ready for some amazing experience. The refresh rate is good enough for games.

The LG Electronics EA53 23EA53T has a dynamic contrast ratio of 10M:1. This is very good for a monitor and will make sure that you see the darkest blacks and the brightest whites. In simple terms colors will be more natural and less saturated.

The most pleasing feature of this monitor from LG is that it has IPS (read Inter Planar Switching). With IPS, you can see the screen pretty much from any angle and can still see it with the same quality.

The monitor might sound a bit expensive but if you consider what comes with the price tag, it is something definitely worth going after. We recommend the LG Electronics EA53 23EA53T for people who love their movies and sports.

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