Lenovo IdeaCentre C560 reviewThere are many all-in-one desktops in the market these days. Not all are people’s favorites and not all end up as successful models. The Lenovo IdeaCentre C560 is a new all in one desktop from the house of Lenovo. Read the review fully to see if this one has what it takes to reach the top of the group.


The design of this all in one desktop is pleasing. They haven’t taken any inspiration from the ever famous Mac but have come up with something neat. The speaker grill in the front could help with the audio. The ports are found at the sides and are easy to access. The keyboard and the mouse are also pretty standard and nothing wrong with them.

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The screen here is at 23 inches. This is a very good size if you are picking one for the office. You can also make good use of the real estate if you are going to use this for creative work like graphic designing or video editing. The resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels offers nice picture clarity while watching movies and consuming other media.

Processor and Memory

The processor that powers the Lenovo IdeaCentre C560 is an Intel Pentium G3220 that clocks at 2.6Hz. This isn’t the best ones in the market these days but can be used for doing some quality work. The performance of the processor will be good when running the operating system and also when running some high end applications.

The 6GB DDR3 RAM that forms the memory department compliments the processor well and helps the user to do more than just one thing at the same time. This will be handy for people who like to multi task.

Hard drive and Graphics

The hard drive comes with 1TB capacity. While this is too much for the light user, the mid range and the hardcore users might just find it sufficient. A hard drive that is this big will make sure the chances of you getting another external device are less.

The Intel HD graphics takes care of the graphics department. This is good for running simple, normal games but you have to expect some stutter when running high end games like battlefield and such. If you are happy with light gaming, you won’t be complaining much.


There are 4 USB 3.0 ports that transfer data ten times faster than the USB 2.0 ports which are just two in number. These ports are found along the sides which make them easier to use. There is an integrated DVD drive that allows you to use your DVDs and you can also write new ones.

There is an HD webcam that will offer you good quality video calling or even taking some quick shots for usage. This does save some money when you don’t have to get a separate webcam.

Is it Worth the Money?

The Lenovo IdeaCentre C560 comes at around $600. This isn’t a big investment when you consider the work you can do with the power that comes with the desktop. But if you are someone who wants to just browse the web and watch movies there are some other simpler options available. This is worth for someone who can call himself a mid range user and above.


  • Good Design
  • Plenty of space
  • Impressive overall


  • Not the best processor


We’ve come to the end of the Lenovo IdeaCentre C560 review. This is not a costly machine by any means and it does provide all the luxury that a mid range desktop needs. Go for it if you need a good all in one desktop that can take care of your work load.

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