KYOCERA announced DIGNO S which is compatible with 4G LTE network and also boasts the largest battery (2,520mAh, the best in any Smartphone). The device comes with Ice Cream Sandwich and also has a HD display of 4.7 inches. Kyocera’s Smart Sonic Receiver technology is also a very visible feature in this new Smartphone which enhances the quality of the call.

A large battery can take a longer time to get charged but the DIGNO S comes with the rapid-charging function. The AC adapter can send in 2.7 times the current than in regular models and can takes 30 min to charge 50% and just 1 hour to charge 80% of the total charge.

KYOCERA DIGNO S charging dock


Apart from the Rapid-Charge unction DIGNO S also has the following impressive features.

  • As mentioned earlier the battery that comes with DIGNO S is the largest in its class and can provide 1110 minutes of talk time and up to 720 and 580 hours of standby time for 3G and LTE respectively.
  • Users can enjoy the high speed 4G LTE with which the DIGNO S if found compatible to. This means there will be continuous streaming without any disturbances and the device can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • DIGNO S becomes the first Kyocera phone to have the voice-activated commands. These commands can be used to perform many functions in the phone including checking emails and other applications. The best feature is the answering of a call even without having to touch the phone itself.
  • The smart sonic receiver technology enhances the call quality with the help of the vibrations that is spread across the entire screen. This is being accomplished with the help of their ceramic technology and holding the phone with the screen touching the ears can block the extra noises which enables the users to hear clearly even in a crowded area.

With all these wonderful features, the DIGNO S comes with a tag that it is exclusive for the Japanese market which means the rest of the world has to remain a mere spectator to this Smartphone.