JVC LT-24DE73 reviewJVC are a well know TV brand and their latest release the JVC LT-24DE73 is a budget LED HD television for those who really does not care about the technology but wants a good product anyhow. It also provides some great value on the money spent.

The design is very standard. They have not tried much experimentation on the design but still have ended with a neat design that gives it a nice finish. The bezel on the sides is very small and this means there is little distraction whenever you are watching something on the TV. The TV weighs only around 11 pounds. You can easily move it in your room and is very portable.

The product has a 24 inch screen that has a resolution of 720 p. This is a high definition resolution and the picture is really good. This may not be a 1080p resolution but what they offering is a very good value for the affordable price tag.

There is a built in DVD player which can read your DVDs. This is a nice addition and people who are still playing a lot with DVDs can make good use of this feature. An USB port could have made things a lot easier but this still is a valuable mention.

There is also a HDMI port through which you can connect your Blu ray DVD player or your gaming console. Only one HDMI port is a bit on the negative side but not a deal breaker.

The JVC LT-24DE73 may not be the TV with all the bells and whistles. It is a simple LED HD television that can show you good picture and also comes with a built in DVD player. If you have a 19 inch or a similar size TV and are looking for an upgrade on a budget, this one is very good option especially if you are not much concerned about the technology involved.

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