JVC JLE47BC3500 reviewJVC is a well known brand as far as televisions are concerned and their new release the JVC JLE47BC3500 is another addition to the 47 inch category. There are a lot of options for people in the market and this one is good enough to consider. Read the review to know more.

The JVC JLE47BC3500 has a classic design and looks very slim from the sides. Though nothing special from the front it still offers good pictures as the bezel size has been reduced by the considerable size. The resolution of the TV is 1920 x 1080 pixels and the full high definition is very much evident from the crystal clear picture quality.

The viewing angle here is 178 degrees which is the best you can get. There isn’t much of a glare when viewed from such an angle.

The biggest selling point in this HDTV is the amazing refresh rate of 120 Hz. Usually televisions in this range will have a refresh rate of 60 Hz which would produce a decent quality picture. But this one’s refresh rate is too good meaning you will be able to see excellent quality images and there will be no case of image distortion or ghosting.

This refresh rate is perfect for those who enjoy a lot fast moving action like in racing. This also is a very good display quality for gamers who will enjoy playing in this 47 inch screen.

The JVC JLE47BC3500 has a very good contrast ratio (2M: 1). With this feature the television will be able to show the deepest blacks and the brightest whites and also brings to the eyes of the user nearly 1.06 billion true to life colors.

Another feature which will send gamers and sports lovers to excitation mode is the response time. It isn’t too extraordinary at 8ms but it does work very well and there will be no traces of image distortion of blurring effects.

The ambient light sensor can be irritating at some times especially when your eyes notice the sudden change in brightness. But most of the time the transition is smooth and does help in preventing the wastage of excess energy.

Xinemasound 3D is excellent and it makes sure that there will be no need for you to get an additional sound bar.

The JVC JLE47BC3500 is one the inexpensive HDTVs that can be found in the 47 inch category. The picture quality and sound effects can satisfy anyone. If you are not looking for anything special like smart and 3D features then this one is a good buy.

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