Android Jelly BeanAs we know, Google names its Operating Systems after sweets and you guessed it right. Key Lime Pie will be following Jelly Bean as its successor. But on an interesting development the version of Android on which the users will lay hands will not be Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0).

Instead people will be getting a new version of Jelly Bean which they call Android 4.2. Well, looks like you can’t expect a lot of improvements in this intermediate upgrade. But here is what you will get in this new Android 4.2.

The Gallery apps in Android might go for a makeover in the new version. One will be able to see fewer photos than now and the gallery is also believed to have a frame around it. Google plus users will be already used to it.

There will be a professional replacement for the panorama camera app that is present in the present version of Android. This means you can have better pictures without having to get any third party applications.

One significant change this version will have is the presence of a button in the notification bar which will give you access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other functionalities. It can seem a bit less exciting but imagine the time one can save in phones with not-that-fast processors.

And if rumors are to be believed, there are going to be completely newly designed icons which will give a different look on your device. This is something really exciting for the android users as there is chance to get bored using the same UI for quite a long time.

And finally the launch question. Google has planned to launch the Jelly Bean 4.2 on 29th of November. They will be showcasing the new Operating system in three different devices. Though we don’t know the devices that may initially get this new Jelly bean, Nexus 7 (whose shipping starts on the 31st) is expected to boast this new Jelly Bean.

Those who were expecting the Key Lime Pie, it’s really sad that you will have to wait some more time to see the new version sparkling before your eyes. Till then wait for this new update to reach your phone.