iBuyPower Gamer Power AM649FX review A lot of gaming desktops are flocking the markets this season, thanks to the growing number of gamers. The iBuyPower Gamer Power AM649FX is the latest offering the company that makes gaming machines for people who love to stick with their fictional characters and take on one adventure after another. Read the review to see if this fits you.

The design of the desktop cabinet is impressive. The red version comes with the use of red color in the cabinet and announces how it is different from other normal computers. There is good ventilation at the back so make sure you leave some good space behind the cabinet for the sake of ventilation. Even the keyboard comes prepared to suit the gamers’ needs. The arrows keys on the both sides of the keyboard are color coded to make it easy to identify.

iBuyPower Gamer Power AM649FX Specs

The processor for a gaming desktop has to be powerful and the AMD FX series quad core processor is no less powerful than any other processors in the market. The best thing about this one is that it has a maximum clocking frequency 3.8GHz. It can run some serious application and of course some high end games without any hiccups.

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The 8GB RAM in the memory department can help you do good multi tasking. Not only this, it can help the processor in running multi threaded programs without any lag in the speed or the performance. The RAM is expandable up to 16GB and people who like to customize their machines can use this to their advantage.

iBuyPower Gamer Power AM649FX 2We have a 1TB hard drive here which is just okay for a gaming desktop. When some games need 10 to sometimes even 30GB of space you need to have more than 1TB so that the user can install as many games as he wants and there is no restriction in this regard.

The operating system in the iBuyPower Gamer Power AM649FX is Windows 7 which is the best operating system for gaming. If you don’t like Windows 8 this could be in your advantage and if you like the latest OS from Microsoft then there are options for you to make an easy upgrade.

Graphics and gaming

Let’s discuss the best part in the device, the graphics card. We can find the AMD Radeon HD 6450 which has a memory of 1GB. This is one of the best in the market and can give excellent graphics which is needed for the best gaming experience. Avid gamers will love this and that’s one of the reasons this could turn out to be your best machine for playing your favorite games.

There are a good number of connectivity options. There is an HDMI port that will enable the users to connect the desktop to HD television and you can play on the big screen. There is also a DVD writer and 6 USB ports of which 2 are USB 3.0 ports.

The iBuyPower Gamer Power AM649FX is a very good gaming desktop and a hardcore gamer will find so much value in this especially for the price he will be paying. If you are a diehard gamer, then this could be a difficult offer to pass.

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