IBM - Greenest company in US

IBM – Greenest company in US

IBM has been given the honor of being the Greenest Company in US by a recent survey conducted by Newsweek. Around 500 companies in US were evaluated as a part of the survey. The companies were rated on the basis of the impact they create on the environment, their level of transparency and their corporate management. These factors were taken into account to find the most Eco-friendly company operating in the United States.

Several of the planet products seemed to have helped IBM retain its name as the Greenest Company in the US for the second consecutive year. The report released mentions the system where the water from the cooling system for super computers is used for keeping the surrounding building warm. Wayne Balta, IBM’s Vice President of Corporate Environmental Affairs and Product Safety was quoted saying, “We are grateful for this recognition as it reflects the long term commitment of IBM and its people to environmental leadership throughout the company’s global business operations.”

Evaluation was divided into four sections namely Green Score, Environmental Impact, Environmental Management, and Transparency & Disclosure. And naturally, the one with the best score was decided the winner. The final standings at the time of completion of the survey is as follows

15. McGraw-Hill

14. Hartford Financial Services Group

13. Cognizant

12. Microsoft

11. EMC

10. Staples

09. Office Depot

08. Accenture

07. Intel


05. CA Technologies

04. Dell

03. Sprint Nextel

02. Hewlett-Packard

01. IBM

IBM should be very content about being honored as the Greenest Company in the US. With commendable efforts, like what they are doing right now, will still keep them at the top. No doubt about that.