HTC gave out its new release which has made the recent buyers of their celebrated high end phone, the HTC one X, not so happy. Yes, the new phone is christened the HTC one X+ and it will be a minor (more or less) upgrade to their former best.

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Their new arrival will be a better phone than their most successful former only by marginal differences. The X+ will, reportedly, will have a 1.7 GHz processor which betters the old processor only by 0.2 GHz. This new smartphone will have 64 GB memory card compared to the 32 GB of its predecessor. The One X+ also promises to extend its battery life by another 50%.

This release from HTC has not been taken happily by their loyal customers. The ones who bought their ONE X just a few weeks back are more than worried about the + upgrade. Many have complained that they do not like HTC going the Apple way by giving out less useful upgrades.

HTC, however are very upbeat about their new release. With the better ’One’ in the market, those who have missed the One X will be keen to pocket the new X+. The device will take time to expose what it is made of. As of now, the new proud owners of X+ are more than happy while the One X buyers are fighting hard to be content with their new yet old phone.