HP Pavilion 23-q110 reviewWelcome to this HP Pavilion 23-q110 review. In this review, we are going to discuss this new all-in-one desktop from the house of HP. This new AIO desktop is aimed at the light and casual users who might need some power to take care of their everyday work. The price of this desktop is also pretty decent which makes the deal even sweeter.

But is the device as good as they advertise? That’s what we are going to find out in the rest of this review. Read it and figure out if this desktop is a good fit for your needs.

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The design is very similar to the previous all-in-one desktops from HP. They have a strong resemblance to Apple iMac, and we are sure that you can see that as well. The build is good and has a nice premium finish to it. The keyboard and the mouse are wireless and save us some mess on the table. They work well and nothing special there.

The stand that holds the desktop is made of aluminum and is a sturdy one. You can tilt the display front and back, but that’s the only control you have. You can neither swivel or make a height adjustment. The ports are located on the backside and easy enough to reach. Overall, this is a pretty good-looking desktop you would love to show to your friends.

HP Pavilion 23-q110 Specs

We have a 23-inch LED-backlit screen with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is an excellent display is probably the best feature of this desktop. The picture quality is amazing, and you will enjoy consuming your media on this one, be it movies or TV shows. This is also a touchscreen which makes this display even better. You can touch the screen and navigate it with even more ease.

The HP Pavilion 23-q110 is powered by an AMD A8 7410 processor. It comes with a regular clock speed of 2.2GHz which is enough power to deal with your everyday work. The processor does a good job in running the OS smoothly. This is also true for basic apps like browsers, office suites, image editors, and many others. You can also use this chip to run some high-end applications as well.

HP Pavilion 23-q110 desktop

The memory department is pretty limited with only 4 gigs od DDR3 memory. This is great for light and casual usual, but you could always do a bit more with 8GB. Having said that, this memory is still relevant to current apps, and you can achieve good productivity.

You can store all your games, videos, pictures, movies and songs on the 1TB hard drive. This is good as it gives you a spacious hard drive even though it may not be that fast.

You get the latest OS pre-installed in the hard drive. Windows 10 is enjoyed by people all over the world, and we can assure you that this is miles better than Windows 8 or 8.1.

The HP Pavilion 23-q110 is not a gaming machine. It only comes with an integrated Radeon R5 graphics card and that is good for some decent games. If you are a casual gamer, then this desktop will treat you with all respect.

The desktop is well equipped when it comes to connectivity. You get USB ports (both 2.0 and 3.0), HDMI port and other essential ports as well. The desktop also supports both Wireless Internet connectivity and Bluetooth as well.

HP Pavilion 23-q110 Review: Verdict

The HP Pavilion 23-q110 comes with good features and an equally impressive price tag. If you are a student, a casual user or a home user, this desktop will suit you fine. It is also great for media consumption which is an added benefit. Get this one if you are planning to buy a decent all-in-one desktop.

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