HP Pavilion 23-f390 review 1The HP Pavilion 23-f390 is a beautiful looking desktop that comes with larger than usual screen and has a reasonable price tag for the features it carries. Though it is targeted at the mid range and hardcore users it is good fit every kind of user. Know more about the device from this review.

The design of this all in one desktop is just beautiful. It doesn’t have the usual bulk CPU cabinet that often makes your personal computer look old and out of style. There is a stand behind the makes good use of the design and offers a good premium look to people.

HP Pavilion 23-f390 Specs

The first thing you are going to look at is obviously the screen and it is a beauty at 23 inches. This is perfect size for the office and even at home it isn’t a bad choice at all. The screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and with this full high definition screen watching movies and playing games will be a pleasing experience.

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The processor you can find inside is the AMD quad core A6 processor. This processor has good benchmarks and with that we can clearly say that it is capable of doing some quality work. The fact that it can be clocked up to a frequency of 2GHz shows it can be of help to people who do more than just playing games and consuming media.

HP Pavilion 23-f390 review 2The second most important thing after the processor is the RAM and here you can find a 4GB DDR3 RAM. This is kind of a disappointment considering the price tag. You ought to expect at least 8 gigs of RAM. Having said that, this RAM performs well and can allows the user to do some excellent multi tasking involving various applications.


The graphics card here is the AMD Radeon HD 8400. People who are avid gamers will know the power of this one. You can play some mid range games with this without losing any of the game’s best features. But when it comes to industry leading high end games it takes a toll in the graphics card and the gaming experience is incomplete.

This, however, is a good gaming computer for people who play mid range games. There is also a lot of space (1TB of storage capacity) in the hard drive which you can use to store any number of games if you want.

One slight disappointment in the HP Pavilion 23-f390 is the keyboard and mouse. They aren’t Bluetooth devices and are wired. People need the latest technology in their devices and this is a step backwards. The quality of the keyboard and the mouse also isn’t very high end. They are not deal breakers and will not hinder the desktop’s performance in any way.

From this HP Pavilion 23-f390 review, you might have got a really good idea about this brilliant device from the house of HP. The spec sheet is full of good specs and something which will help any kind of user in your family and the reasonable price makes it a good deal. This is one of the best all in one desktops you will find the market we do recommend it.

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