HP Pavilion 23-b390 reviewThe HP Pavilion 23-b390 is a 23 inch all in one PC that comes with a decent budget and a fair spec sheet. Some might think it is a tad too big, while other might feel it’s perfect for their office. But it does it provide value being a budget device? Read the review to know what you can expect from this all in one desktop.

The desktop has a design that has been tested with previous all-in-one desktops in the pavilion series. Having tasted a good deal of success with people, they have just retained the same look and feel. It just weighs 14.5 pounds which means it could easily be the most portable desktop you are going to use these days.

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The 23 inch screen is a killer feature. Not only because of the size but the screen comes with a 1080p resolution. You can enjoy high quality videos and if your work involves using full HD imagery, you will be very satisfied to work in this screen. This is one of the desktops that offer a full HD screen in this budget. That’s really cool.

HP Pavilion 23-b390 Specs

The processor that comes with the laptop is an AMD A6 5200 that clocks at just 2.0 GHz. This is a processor that could help you with all your day to day jobs. You may even be able to day to handle some mid range applications without many issues. But when it comes to high end applications, the processor will struggle to deal with it.

The 4GB DDR3 RAM that comes along might help to some extent. Yes, this is a good amount of RAM and it does future proofs you to a certain extent. With this you can multi task without any restriction. Though 8 Gigs would have vested you with more power, this definitely isn’t going to make you sad.

The hard drive has a capacity of 500GB. They could have included a 1TB hard drive. But this is still enough space but if you are buying it for an office that handles a large amount of data you might need better. For a light user, this is more than enough.


The All in one desktop comes with AMD Radeon HD 8400 graphics card. This is one of those decent graphic default graphic cards. With this you will be able to play some mid range games without any hiccups but if you are someone after high end games, then other alternatives will do.

If you are buying this for office, you need not be worried unless you are working for some game testing corporation.

There is plenty of connectivity of options. There are 6 USB ports. Only two of the USB ports are 3.0. But the very inclusion of the latest version offers great value to the users. There more could have been better.

The HP Pavilion 23-b390 is a good all in one desktop. It saves you a lot of time by giving you everything in the same place. It isn’t the highest quality you are going to get but for the money paid it provides very good value. Get this one, if you are looking to buy a budget desktop with a big screen.at a discount price