HP Pavilion 18-5010 review 1 A lot of people are interested in bringing an all in one desktop to their home compared to the traditional desktops with separate monitors. The reason is very simple; this one takes very less space and of course of the modern version of their predecessors. The HP Pavilion 18-5010 is an 18.5 inch all in one desktop from HP and today’s review is about the same.


The design of the desktop is simple and you will like it. It is slimmer than the conventional ones but we don’t see any place for ventilation and this could be a minor problem. The front is looking good and with the speakers at the bottom the audio will be in the user’s face giving you good sound effects.

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They have hit the sweet spot in terms of the size of the monitor. Laptops have a maximum size of 17 inches and desktops these days go up to 28 inches. But with 18.5 inches they have made the device much friendlier to even the common user. The screen comes with a good resolution of 720p. It isn’t full HD but the quality of the pictures will not be as bad as they have been advertised. You can still enjoy media the way you want and the screen will be good even for some audio/video editing.

HP Pavilion 18-5010 Specs

The processor that powers the machine is an AMD E1 processor with a clocking frequency of 1.4GHz. This is a clear notion that says the user who will be best served by this desktop would be the casual user. The operating system and the other small applications run well with the processing power but we really doubt if this might be a good option for a hardcore user.

HP Pavilion 18-5010 review 2The memory area comes equipped with a 4GB DDR3 RAM. This has become some sort of industry standard. Every machine these days come with these many gigs. Those who like multi tasking can make use of these gigs. Simple works like playing music while browsing and doing office work while burning a DVD can be done without any hiccups.

The hard drive comes with a 500GB of free space. It does come pre-installed with Windows 8 so you are not going to get the entire 500GB. But we feel that this space is good for the casual user and even with a good sized media collection he/she can fill the space without any restriction.


The gaming department is covered by the AMD Radeon HD 8240 graphics card. We would call this a decent graphics card and you can play some small and mid range games without any loss in the gameplay (or having any performance issues). But the same can’t be stated for high end games which makes this not the best option for a hardcore gamer.

There are 5 USB ports in which two of them belong to the super fast 3.0 version. There is also a super multi DVD drive for the sake of reading and writing DVDs. The keyboard and the mouse are pretty standard though they could have made it Bluetooth ones.

The HP Pavilion 18-5010 is a desktop made with the casual or the day to day user in mind. It doesn’t mean it would satisfy a mid range user but it best suits the other two groups. The desktop comes at a very reasonable price tag and if you plan to buy this from Amazon you get at a 25% discount which is a huge saving. Go for it if you think it fits your needs.

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