Convertible laptops are now getting their own place in the market and this new release from the house of HP, the HP Envy x2 11-g010nr is perfect in its own terms. This new device has a screen that is about 11.6 inches and effectively does the functions of both the tablet and the laptop.

The design of this convertible laptop isn’t out of the box but they have managed to fit this one with a sleek design. The screen might be small for a laptop but it perfectly suits for a tablet and the IPS panel makes the screen better than most in the market. The resolution of 1366 x 768 is perfect to see movies and enjoy playing games in your tablet.

The device is powered by Intel A4 processor that clocks about 1.80 GHz and though this isn’t the best processor in the market, it doesn’t degrade the performance of the tablet of laptop and runs the operating system smoothly without any hiccups.

There is a 2GB RAM and a 64 GB solid state drive that makes a very decent tablet but this spec has very little chance to impress a laptop owner especially the hard drive space. Talking of advantages, the solid state drive makes things fast and booting of Windows 8 takes place in no time.

There is a pretty decent camera at 8 MP and it gives some really good quality pictures. People who have a lot of shooting needs will find this feature very impressive.

Since it combines both the laptop and tablet together, we will have to talk about two battery lives here. The tablet lasts for about 7 hours while the laptop stays on for nearly 12 hours. They could have improved the battery but it surely would have increased the weight of the tablet which is nearly 3 pounds.

This won’t be the device of choice for gamers to perform their duties but you still can play some decent games. The Beats audio is another impressive addition to this convertible laptop and fulfills its purpose to good extent.

The HP Envy x2 11-g010nr is a new entry in the upcoming variety of hybrid machines. This is perfect for those who has a lot of typing work to do but finds the tablet keypad not that good. You can always attach the tablet to the keypad and do all your work. Though it may be on the expensive side, it is recommended if you can comprehend every single use of it.

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