HP Envy dv7-7238nr reviewThe HP’s Envy range has produced some superior laptops that have pleased people with different requirements equally. This new HP Envy dv7-7238nr from the same series also has some very impressive specification that promises to improvise on the user experience factor. This model will serve those who prefer multitasking and mid range gamers also have a reason to be delighted.

This laptop model is pretty slim and slightly heavy at a little less than 7 pounds. The 17.3 inch screen has a very good finish and is not very glossy. The pictures seem really good and the credit goes to the resolution (1600 x 900); though not the best, it still offers good results. The size of the screen is well suited for watching films, sports and also playing games.

The HP Envy dv7-7238nr is powered by the AMD A-Series Quad-Core A8 processor that clocks up to 1.9 GHz. The processor enables fast and smooth operation of the model and all the programs run with any hiccups. This speed is also contributed by the presence of a 6 GB RAM that is perfect for those who rely on their laptop for almost everything but occasional users will find this unnecessary.

The memory is a bit odd at 640 GB but still can store a lot of data. However the presence of a Solid State Drive would have been better as it could have improved the booting and increased the speed of other applications to a considerable level. The battery life is as good as the other Envy models and lasts up to 4.5 hours.

There is a built in optical drive that can be used for reading and writing DVDs. There are also 4 USB ports (1 USB 2.0 and 3 USB 3.0) that can facilitate data transfer at high speeds. The HP cool sense technology present here makes sure that the device doesn’t gets heated up due to heavy usage. The fan also doesn’t make much noise.

The keyboard is soft and is very neat to use. The presence of a num pad can be of real help to those who type a lot of them. Watching movies and sports can be a real joy due to the beats audio system that is integrated with the device. The webcam also offers good quality images even in places where is low light.

There aren’t many negatives we can say about the HP Envy dv7-7238nr. Hardcore gamers may find some staggering during the gameplay. Those who travel a lot might also find it a bit heavy to carry it all day. Other than these minor issues, it passes with good marks. That is the reason we recommend this model in this HP Envy dv7-7238nr Review to all those who need a good laptop for multi tasking and hardcore computing.

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