hp envy dv7-7230us reviewFrom HP comes another excellent device that promises to serve its purposes only at the best level. The HP Envy dv7-7230us is one of the thinnest laptops we have seen in the recent times. Fully loaded with a lot of amazing features this sure has the ability to Envy other laptops. Let’s see the best points of this slim book.

The hardware of this model is very impressive one has to say. The monitor is 17.3 inches and is neatly finished with a high resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. The pictures are pretty sharp and very much enjoyable. Another key is the thin look. It is very thin because of which it is very hard to believe that it weighs nearly 7 pounds.

Taking a deeper look, the dv7-7230us has 6GB of RAM which makes things go really fast and people who like to store a lot of movies and pictures have nothing to complain here as there is a hell a lot of free space. The hard disk can hold up to 750 GB of whatever you would like to store. Intel lovers will be pretty disappointed to miss out on such a lap having excellent features as the dv7-7230us is powered by a 1.9 GHz A-Series Quad-Core processor from AMD.

The usual stuff like CD/DVD writer and card reader are above par and there are 4 USB ports 3 of which supports USB 3.0. There is also an HDMI port to connect your lap to your TV so that you can enjoy your media on a bigger screen. The webcam is also decent which you can make Skype calls with quality.

The dv7-7230us comes with Windows 8 so there won’t be any problems to upgrade your operating system. There is also an automatic air conditioner which means the laptop will remain cool even when the processor is being used up to its maximum limit. So multitasking will definitely not be a problem here.

This model comes with beats audio to deliver the best surround sound. Those who are aware of beats will need no further explanation. The graphic card is very normal which won’t be that pleasing to gamers. But they still will be able to play most of the games considering the impressive hardware. The battery is another improvement. It lasts comfortably for a little more than 4.5 hours which is better than many devices in the market.

If you are looking for a laptop which will not need any upgrades in the near future, then this is definitely it. It is fully loaded with a neat monitor and classy hardware. It also has lots of space due to which you won’t need an external hard disk. If multitasking is your mainstream, take this one home.

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