HP Envy dv6-7247cl review 1The HP Envy dv6-7247cl is the latest release from the famous computer big shot. This new laptop is exciting in a few ways especially when we take peek into the insides of the 15 inch laptop. With a lot of interesting reviews in the market let us see if you should buy one too.

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The HP Envy dv6-7247cl has a real classic look to it. The design isn’t exceptional but is very neatly done. There aren’t many color options open but there are chances that you will like the black one better even if there were any. The laptop is easily portable as it weighs just about 11 pounds.

The insides of this sleek laptop are powerful. The processor that runs this machine is a third generation Intel i7 processor that clocks up to 2.4 GHz. This processor is one of the best the market has seen and can definitely run the operating system as smooth as butter.

In case if you have managed to run to many applications and find the speed of the processor struggling you can boost the clocking frequency to 3.4 GHz through BIOS and enjoy faster performance. This turbo boost technology has been implemented lately by HP and has been very handy whenever there is a lag in the performance (which rarely happens in an i7 processor).

There is an 8 GB SD RAM in the HP Envy dv6-7247cl that blends so well with the processor. These two are just as enough to make this laptop a high end machine. This amount of RAM allows the user to install any kind of superior software that eats a lot of memory.

HP Envy dv6-7247cl review 2The Super multi DVD burner also offers faster writing and can even read and burn double layered DVD which has a capacity of 8.5 GB to the 4.7 GB in the normal DVDs.

Gamin is a big concern for people these days. With the Intel HD graphics 4000 that comes with the laptop you can enjoy some really good games with neat graphics. Hardcore gamers are advised to seek gamer oriented devices as it might be a little too much for the HP Envy dv6-7247cl.

The beats audio is excellent as always and it does its best to enrich your media experience. With the 3 USB 3.0 ports data transfer can be done a flash and also can be done ten times faster than in the traditional 2.0 ports.

The only thing we found a little less is the 750 GB hard disk. With the market flooding in with disk that have a capacity of TBs this might be a little less to do with. People who use the laptop for daily activities will still find this big enough.

The HP Envy dv6-7247cl is a neat laptop that offers very good performance. There aren’t any problems that could damage the user’s experience. If you are looking for mid to high end laptop then this one is a perfect fit.

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