HP Envy 810-160 review 1 The HP Envy 810-160 is one of those desktops we would even recommend to the heavy users. That’s one bold opening line and why do we say like that, because everything that comes along with this HP desktop is very high end. Read this HP Envy 810-160 review to know more about this high end desktop from the house of HP.


The design of the desktop is the first thing you are going to see and here it is just amazing. You are going to shout that this one is a premium product just by looking at it. Every detail is carefully looked after and they have nailed it as far as the looks of it are concerned.

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The LED at the front makes it look so nice and to be honest they’ve just taken these box type design o a whole new level. Full marks to HP for the design and you can be a proud owner showing off your desktop with this one.

Processor and Memory

The processor is like the heart of a computer and the HP Envy 810-160 is powered by an Intel core i7 processor that clocks at 3.4GHz. What makes this even better is the fact that this chip belongs to the Haswell line of processors (4th generation of Intel processors).

This is the best processor you are going to get in the market. It challenges the mid range and the hardcore users with its sheer potential. You can run some of the processor hungry high end applications without any lag and that is just amazing.

What could make this deal a lot sweeter; comes in the 16GB DDR3 RAM. This is crazy amount of memory one might ever need. Perfect for some high end multi tasking and there is no way you are going to have performance issues when these two components are working together.

Hard drive and Graphics

HP Envy 810-160 review 2There is a 1TB hard drive and this looks like a weak link in the high spec desktop. But in all honesty 1TB is a lot of space and not many will be able to use this space to the fullest. There is also no need to go for an external storage device with a hard drive like this one.

The HP Envy 810-160 comes with Nvidia Discrete graphics. This is a good graphics card and you will be able to play most of the games and even some high end games. Though the machine is not primarily for gaming purposes, it does offer a pretty decent performance with respect to games.


There are 10 USB ports in total and that’s a lot to handle. Four of these ports belong to the latest iteration and offer super fast transfer speed. There is also a SuperMulti DVD drive for those who like to play with some DVDs. And to those who have a number of memory cards, there is a 15 in 1 multi card reader that can help you.


The Beats audio that comes along the desktop offers you a good deal in terms of the sound quality you might be expecting. If you are getting this for the sole purpose of media consumption there actually might not be any need to go for an external speaker.


This being a high end device you can expect the price to be a little on the expensive side and with such devices there are always some freebies associated with them. This includes the 30 day free trial of McAfee LiveSafe service and also 50GB cloud storage from Box which is a pretty sweet deal.

Is It Worth the Money?

For the mid range and high end users, this is worth every penny of it. For light user and the kind of needs they have, this might be overkill but they also can use this to great extent. Every spec is high end and there is just no way you might feel like you’ve been charged extra.


  • Best Processor
  • Excellent spec all over


  • Slightly expensive for light users


We’ve reached the end of the HP Envy 810-160 review and since you’ve stayed with us till the end we assume that you are very interested in the desktop. The desktop is a high end machine and is a complete workstation for heavy users. Go get this one if you need a machine for some kickass computing. TechWeirdo recommends it.

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