HP ENVY 700-210 reviewThe new HP ENVY 700-210 from HP is a new addition to their ENVY series and it does have the horsepower to prove as a winning desktop for the hardcore user. Why? Find out by reading the entire review below.

The desktop comes out with a new design that the series hasn’t seen much before and it does look good. The glossy front with the power button at the top gives a different look. It isn’t something you would be shy to show off and the size is also pretty normal and wouldn’t occupy much space.

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The processing power is a big advantage in this desktop. It is powered by an Intel core i7 processor that clocks at a maximum frequency of 3.4 GHz. This is some power and is enough to satisfy the hardcore user in you. May it be any high end application we can say that this beast of a processor will handle it without much effort.

The processor is beautifully supported by the RAM division. The 8 GB DDR3 RAM is a good deal of memory and with this combo the user can do a lot of multitasking and if he or she is smart user, they can use the power to do some amazing things done. This machine can be used for High end video and audio editing and also for sunning simulation software that are processor hungry.

The 1TB space in the hard drive is something for people who have a good collection of media. They can use this generous space to store pretty much anything they like. 2TB would have been great but let’s not get too greedy here.

The HP ENVY 700-210 comes integrated with Beats audio. That’s great news if you are someone who loves hearing music. Beats has an established position and their addition to the spec sheet is a real value add.

There are 10 USB ports and only two of them belong to the USB 3.0 version. There isn’t any optical drive so old school guys have to bear with it.

What makes the HP ENVY 700-210 a good product is the fact that it is powered by an excellent processor. Everything that comes within is high end and doesn’t let the user down at any front. The price is a little high than you might have expected but is totally worth it if you know how to use this beast.

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