HP ENVY 23-c130 reviewThere are very few options in the market for people who are looking for All-in-one desktops. The new HP ENVY 23-c130 from the house of HP provides an interesting thought considering its price range. The desktop is priced at an affordable rate but will the performance offer more than its price is yet to be found.

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The first look of the HP ENVY 23-c130 is impressive. The design is modern and will fare well with your guests. The 23 inch screen is a gem. The resolution of the screen in 1080p which means it offers picture in full High Definition. People who like watching movies and sports are in for a treat with this screen in your house.

The processor is definitely not the best selling point of this desktop. Though it is not bad at 3.3 GHz this Intel i3 processor might just be able to satisfy only the basic needs of users such as media and day to day activities like mail checking, surfing, etc. Multi tasking that involves some heavy work like working and images and downloading or listening to music might not be that easy for the processor.

The processor is well complemented by a 6GB SD RAM. This RAM completely hides the moderate ability of the processor and runs stuff as fast as possible. The RAM also enables you to run some high end applications without much hiccups.

This All-in-one desktop will be great for watching media and to prove this point again it comes with a hard drive with 1 TB capacity. With this you can store all the music and films you want and watch them over and over again in Full High Definition.

The presence of 7 USB ports offer the users very fast transfer of data especially with two of them being USB 3.0 ports. With Intel HD graphics you will be able to play some good games though hardcore gamers will not be pleased with this level of gaming.

The HP ENVY 23-c130 has very few demerits on its side. The processor is not the fastest but is well supported by the 6GB RAM. There is very little in the desktop for gamers which won’t be a big problem for people who are planning to use it for day to day activities.

The HP ENVY 23-c130 is a perfect choice to gift one for your child who is in school or you may rather use it yourself for doing your daily work. It is affordable and does perform well when not given too much work on its shoulders.

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