HP Envy 23-c050 reviewThe HP Envy 23-c050 is the new launch from HP that comes with a 23 inch monitor. This release is clearly targeted at extreme users and the specifications keep confirming that again and again. People, who we call light users, will not find use in this high range desktop. Having given a fair warning about this fact, we will see the best points of this desktop and tell you why you should buy this.

Every spec that is concerned with this new desktop is rich and multitaskers and gamers won’t have much to complain here. The screen itself is very good having a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The picture quality is amazing and movies are best viewed in this 23 inch monitor. The sound effects are pretty much above par with the beats audio and these promises to give a complete media experience.

The design is also very sleek from the sides and does look very stylish from the front. This can very much be your workstation because the processor here is an AMD A8 processor that clocks up to 3.2 GHz. This means you can run the new Windows 8 and other applications smoothly.

The processor is well supported by the 6B RAM which is more than what normal users will need. This amount of RAM is perfect for people who prefer to run some high end programs like image editing, MATLAB, etc. and gamers will also find this very pleasing.

HP Envy 23-c050 review 2There won’t be any need to get yourself an external hard disk as there is a 2TB hard disk present. You will not be required any of your favorite data at the earliest with this kind of space. The AMD Radeon HD 560D is the graphics and can run most of the games without a problem.

As we mentioned earlier, the HP Envy 23-c050 comes with Windows 8, the latest offering from the Microsoft. This new operating system is perfectly backed up by the hardware present and runs smoothly without even minor issues. The presence of 6 USB ports in which 2 are USB 3.0 ports should fasten the process of data transfer. The blu ray player is an additional advantage.

From this HP Envy 23-c050 review, it is pretty clear that this desktop from Hp is meant only for people who prefer a perfect machine. If you fall under the category of occasional or light users then this one is not for you. Go ahead and buy this if you want to do some extreme multitasking or do some hardcore gaming.

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