HP Envy 20-d090 review 1HP has proven itself plenty of times when it comes to Desktops. We have seen a lot of these things used with such ease and effective and in this HP Envy 20-d090 review we will see how this new release from HP has improved and also we shall try to answer the question of whether it is worth going after.

HP Envy 20-d090 is equipped with some very good spec that can facilitate the work of its very owner. Having powered by the 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium processor the device is very fast in both the booting and also in the use of applications. The RAM of 4 GB will be sufficient for anyone to carry on with his work and will also prove vital to the occasional gamer.

There is also hell a lot of space that comes in the form of the 1TB hard drive. The presence of the 6 USB ports (4 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0) should make the transfer of data an easy process. The keyboard is also very neatly done and feels very good for the fingers.

The HP Envy 20-d090 comes with Windows 8 and this is where the screen plays a big role. The 20 inch touchscreen is a pleasure to operate on. The gestures that are Windows 8 exclusive can be flawlessly performed because of which you will be getting the complete experience from the new operating system. If you are really planning to use Windows 8 then this desktop is too good a choice.

HP Envy 20-d090 review 2The beats audio, as always, is good to the ears. This gives us an opportunity to enjoy our movies and videos to the fullest. The webcam is also of decent quality. The images that came of it are neat and it works well even in low light.

There aren’t any problems in this device that we can warn you about. If there is one thing you need to worry about then it is the sleekness. The device is so sleek that you need to handle with proper care.

We conclude this HP Envy 20-d090 by saying that this device is here to stay. You can have a wonderful experience of Windows 8 with a superb set of spec supporting it to the maximum. If you can afford the pricing which some may feel a bit expensive, then this desktop will have a lot to offer you.

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