HP 2311x reviewThe­ 2311x is a 23 inch LED monitor from HP. This product has tried to make things easy for people who wanted to have a LED monitor. They have reasonably cut down on the price to achieve this feat. This raises a question of whether you should go for this or get yourself a costlier monitor which is totally worth it. This remains the basic question with all the low cost stuff and we shall see if this review can help shed some light.


The screen size is 23 inches with LED backlight. The monitor has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and has an aspect ratio of 16:9. There is also a 25 degree back tilt with which you can adjust the position of the monitor according to your seating position.

HDMI, VGA and DVI are the three forms of connectivity present in the monitor. The monitor has a matte finish at the black and does not come with internal audio. This means you will have to get an external speakers or headphones.

The Good

The best thing about this thing is that it is cheap, very cheap when you compare it to some of its market alternatives. Not only cheap but they also have managed to present a decent package.

The picture quality is pretty good and there are three picture options by which you can control the brightness, sharpness and contrast.

The refresh rate of the 2311x is 60 Hz which means it can be a very useful monitor for hardcore gamers who have very good graphic cards installed in their PCs.

The ergonomics is also another advantage. The 25 degree tilt can be utilized to a good extent. It offers you the comfort you need and can be adjusted accordingly.

Well, these are the best points of being a 2311x. If we should still ask the question of them giving the best for the money paid, then the answer is yes. You cannot be fair to expect more than what this can offer you.

The Bad

The plastic feel of the monitor can turn off some people. The frame looks like it’s been a little weak all through the process.

The absence of in-built speakers is another discomfort as you always have to hope for external mean just to hear what is running along with the video.

There are some complaints that the brightness in the middle of the screen is not the same as it is in any other part of the screen.

The Final Touch

This is definitely not the perfect monitor you are looking for. If you can afford a costly monitor with all the features you need, better buy one. But if this monitor falls in your budget and you can bear with the minor issues in this device, then just get one.

TechWeirdo Rating: 4.1/5