HP 17z-p100 review17-inch laptops are suddenly getting a good reception from people. With all the media content in front of us, there is no surprise that people prefer bigger displays on their laptops. In this HP 17z-p100 review, let’s analyze this new 17-inch laptop that comes with an affordable price tag.

It comes with a powerful processor and also enough RAM. If you are in need of a bigger laptop with sufficient power, this is a good candidate. Read this review fully and find out if this laptop is a good fit for your needs.

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Black is the color that is predominant throughout the laptop. Usually, laptops have one color on the outside and another covering the keyboard, but that’s not the case here. If you like a single color all over the laptop’s body, this might be for you. You get a full-sized keyboard that has enough travel to keep the people using it happily. The trackpad is accurate in terms of usability as well.

The laptop has measurements of 16.52 x 10.98 x 1.09 inches and weighs around 6.2 pounds. This is not the heaviest laptop you’ll get your hands on, but the weight does make portability a question. Overall, this is a big laptop with a good design language.

HP 17z-p100 Specs

The 17.3-inch display comes with a 1600 x 900 pixels resolution. This is better than the conventional HD display, but the pixel density will not see any improvements thanks to the bigger screen size. The images are nice and pleasant. If you haven’t seen full-HD and quad-HD displays, this one is perfectly fine.

The screen is suited best for media consumption. Be it watching movies, tv shows, pictures and even videos taken on your smartphone, the screen does an impressive job. The display can also be very productive if you want to do more at the same time.

The AMD A8 7050 chip powers the HP 17z-p100 notebook. This is a quad-core chip that comes with a decent clock speed of 1.8GHz. With the help of the boost functionality, the clocking frequency can be further increased to about 3GHz which is more powerful than usual.

This is a mid-range processor and does a fair job. The processing power in this laptop is fine for running most of the applications that are available. You can edit photos, videos, and also, run simulations as well. If you are a user who doesn’t need a lot of power, then this laptop will fly.

HP 17z-p100 laptopThere are 6 gigs of RAM in the memory department. This is better than the 4GB RAM you get in entry-level machines. Though we have only 6GB, it is still a decent RAM, and most users will not consume it entirely unless you are gaming.

Running multiple apps at the same time is a breeze. Even multithreading is a good improvement when compared with 4GB of RAM. You can also upgrade this RAM when needed.


The HP 17z-p100 laptop comes only with an integrated graphics card. The AMD Radeon R5 GPU enables you to play some moderate games with decent graphics. You can run a lot of games on the market, but the performance does take a backstep when dealing with high-end games.

There is a 750GB SATA hard drive. This is perfect for all your videos, games, pictures, software, and other valuable possessions of yours. Even though you get ample space, this is still not a speedy hard drive. We can’t ask for anything better as this is a budget laptop.

The laptop comes with Windows 10 pre-loaded in the hard drive. This is a cool operating system that brings a number of new features like Xbox streaming, Edge browser, and Cortana. If you hated Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, then this OS will make you happy.

The 41WHr, 4-cell Lithium-ion battery pack, is in charge of the battery life here. With light usage, you should be able to get around 4 to 5 hours of battery life which is not that bad considering the bigger screen. With some more optimization, you might be able to squeeze out, even more, life out of that battery.

You are covered when it comes to connectivity. All the essential ports and jacks can be found on the sides. The DVD writer is also there, and that just made a lot of you people smile, didn’t it?

HP 17z-p100 Review: Verdict

In this HP 17z-p100 review, we tried to explain the hardware and its benefits to you. This is a mid-range laptop at best and for the price, that’s a good thing. If you are in the search for a laptop with a big screen and decent processing power, this is an excellent choice.

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