HP 13-m110dx  reviewThe HP 13-m110dx is a 2 in 1 touchscreen laptop that comes loaded with Windows 8. Convertible laptops look like the trend for these days and the market is seeing more of them every single day. There are many good points about this convertible hybrid. Do continue reading to know if this one is worth your money.

HP 13-m110dx Specs

The design of the laptop is done in such a way it suits the convertible breed. The glossy silver finish might get some fans. The premium metal feel will also be appreciated by the users.

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The screen which is 13.3 inches comes with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This is a slight disappointment that full HD is missing. If it had been present that would have been an amazing visual experience for the users. This HD screen also offers some really good performance, thanks to the IPS technology that has been used.

The processor that runs this one is a third generation dual core Intel i3 processor. This is good processor when you are planning to use a device for just entertainment purposes. With a device that converts into a tablet, it is expected that you will use it more for media consumptions and this processor does exceedingly well on that front.

There is a 4B DDR3 RAM. This is pretty normal for a laptop but new for a tablet. Since you will be using the same operating system for the tablet there won’t be much of a difference in the boost you are going to get. However, this RAM does support a good deal of multi tasking and doesn’t fail you there.

HP 13-m110dx review 2One classy improvement they’ve made over other convertible laptops is the inclusion of the solid state drive. The capacity is only 128GB but it is very good for the tablet form factor as there is nothing more than media use on it. This SSD will improve the booting speed by a great amount and you will also notice less lag during operation.

The fact that the screen is touchscreen gives the user a complete Windows 8 experience. But if you don’t like the latest version, you will have to still with it since reverting back to Windows 7 doesn’t make any sense to the touchscreen.

Battery life

The HP 13-m110dx comes with a 3 cell Lithium ion polymer battery. Both the laptop and the tablet will have different battery life. As reported, the battery life is excellent and can normally stand up to 5 hours in the laptop mode. The tablet is expected to stay alive for a longer period.

There are a few minor drawbacks. For example, when you are using the device as a tablet there is no rear camera that you can make use of. People who are fond of tablet photography will be disappointed. There is a also a tiny battery drain even when it is not in use.

The HP 13-m110dx is an excellent choice for a convertible laptop. The size makes it perfect for being used as a tablet. Everything including the battery life is excellent. If you are in need of a convertible hybrid, make sure you shortlist this one before you make the final purchase.

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