Gateway ZX4665-UR11 reviewAll-in-one desktops are pretty serious in the markets right now and they aren’t many options for those who would like one on a budget. The Gateway ZX4665-UR11 does exactly the same thing. It is an affordable all in one device that has the muscles to perform. Read the full review to know more.

The first thing anyone would worry about is the looks of the desktop you are going to take home. This is for sure not the best designed device but is compact compared other box type desktops in the market. You have to agree that it doesn’t look very thin from the sides but it does come on a budget and it might be too much to ask for.

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The display is sized at 19.5 inches. It has a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. You might be disappointed at the screen not being full HD but the pixel density isn’t that bad and the fact there is going to be some distance between you and your laptop justifies it to a bit. The screen is well fit for media and entertainment and also can take some image and video editing stuff.

The Gateway ZX4665-UR11 all in one desktop is run by an Intel Celeron processor that clocks at 1.6GHz. This is a processor that is good enough for the light user. Even the mid range user will be able to use this one to his advantage. The chip makes sure there isn’t any lag in the operating system and other apps runs well too.

The 4GB RAM that accompanies the processor is a good amount of memory that can allow to user to do efficient multi tasking. You can also run multi threaded applications without any problem thanks to the 4 gigs of memory.

The hard drive has a capacity of 500GB. This is the absolute minimum in the market right now. This kind of space should be enough for a light user. The story could be different for a mid range user though. The hard drive comes pre-installed with Windows 8.1 which isn’t everyone’s favorite. If you don’t want to miss out on this cheap desktop and still need more space, you can check out some cheaper alternatives like external hard disks.

The graphics department is made up of the ever famous Intel HD graphics chip. This is just a default graphics card and supports most of the mid range games and some high end games when run on min. specs. If you are looking for a gaming device then this one isn’t the right choice for you.

There are quite some connectivity options in the Gateway ZX4665-UR11. Transferring data can be done real quickly as there are 2 USB 2.0 ports and also one USB 3.0 port. You have standard Bluetooth connectivity, so connecting your devices is as seamless as it gets. There is an 8X super multi DVD drive that can read and write for you.

Is It Worth the Money?

If this is your first desktop you will find it worth every penny you pay for. A lot of good features are available in this budget tag which is great. Even if this is not your first PC you will still appreciate what spec they offer and how competitive the pricing is.


  • Great price
  • Good overall package


  • 500GB looks less at this time


Thanks for sticking with us till the end of this Gateway ZX4665-UR11 review and analysis of specs. Gateway is a company that provides good technology without costing an arm and leg. The same is true for this one too. Go get this one if you need a desktop that can do all your day to day work with ease.

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