Gateway SX2865-UR308 ReviewThe Gateway SX2865-UR308 is a very well designed desktop for your house and can help you do your work easily with all its strength. It is actually a bit too much for the average PC user considering the fact that it has a very good specification. This device is also very small compared to other models and so doesn’t occupy much of computer table’s space.

The inside of the Gateway SX2865-UR308 is very impressive. It is powered by a 2.8 GHz Pentium processor. It has become much of a fashion these days to include a 4 GB RAM in the device but if you know how to make use of them then you will be really satisfied. And again you have 1TB hard drive where you can preserve your official data and also your personals.

With Intel HD graphics the gamer in you will be able to enjoy many games except a very few high end games. There is also an optical drive that can burn DVDs and there are about 6 USB 2.0 ports which is a lot in my opinion. There is 1 HDMI port which will help you to sync with your gaming console or your blu ray player.

The surround sound is pretty much good when playing movies and sports. The keyboard and the mouse and very normal and there is not much fault you can find with them.

The Gateway SX2865-UR308 is not the perfect desktop though. There are a couple of issues you might consider as negatives. The first thing is the absence of USB 3.0 ports. The evolution of USB ports is really growing towards a developing future and the absence of the latest technology might sound an alarm in your mind.

Another issue is that the set doesn’t include a monitor. That might have added another 200 bucks but still would have prevented you the hassle. If you already have a monitor then this is not something you will worry about. If you don’t have one you might consider the HP Envy 20-d090 which comes with the monitor.

From this Gateway SX2865-UR308 Desktop review, you could easily come to a conclusion of how good it is. This device can very much satisfy all your needs and show some real muscle for multiprocessing. If you don’t mind the missing USB 3.0 and can get yourself a separate monitor then this is a definitely recommended.

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